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Artificial intelligence in use for health monitoring and safety in tournament sports

The mobile HORSE PROTECTOR was developed in close collaboration with experienced experts and trainers/riders, specifically for competitive sports. Since 2019, we have been on the market with the HORSE PROTECTOR and have already provided timely alerts for over 3,500 behavioral anomalies such as colic, births, getting cast, and unauthorized entries into the horse's stall.

With the ACARIS app, both riders and their grooms can monitor their horses' health status at any time. The system alerts you via phone call and push notifications in case of any anomalies. The system does not require a power socket or WLAN, but is powered by a mobile battery (not included) and an LTE router.


  • Mobile use for tournaments with battery (not included) and an LTE router
  • 24/7 health monitoring at competitions and in the home stable
  • Security alarm for unauthorized entry and tampering with the horse
  • Real-time detection of colic, getting cast, and elevated stress parameters
  • Daily reports and behavior analysis specifically for training optimization

We are pleased to have Julia Krajewski and Christoph Hess as new brand ambassadors for our new product, the mobile HORSE PROTECTOR. With the support of Julia Krajewski and Christoph Hess, we are confident that the ACARIS MOBILE HORSE PROTECTOR will further advance the future of health and safety monitoring in professional sports.

Did you miss our information session? You can watch the recordings of our event here:

Learn all about the mobile version of the ACARIS HORSE PROTECTOR

Questions and answers with experts and Julia Krajewski

Interview with Christoph Hess on the Mobile Version of the HORSE PROTECTOR

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