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Our customers

”For us, the HORSE PROTECTOR is a very sensible purchase. We have two guards successfully in use, one for birth monitoring and one in an intensive care box. The ACARiS AI  has already alerted us absolutely reliably and in time with several births - and without any false alarms! In addition to the birth alarm, the reports, the live stream and the monitoring function bring us great value for our day-to-day business. The system fully convinces us.“ 


Dr. Anna Rötting

”Tested in "Blickpunkt ZUCHT" for the magazine of the Landesverband Bayerischer Pferdezüchter e.V. - with a pregnant mare and we are enthusiastic. We got to know the mother animals entrusted to us better before the birth using the various daily reports from the system, and the owners could also connect live to the box at any time via the app. When the time came, the artificial intelligence accurately recognized the first signs of the upcoming birth and alerted us immediately so that we could have intervened in good time in an emergency. The stable guard also reliably raised an alarm later in the evening when the mare was still looked after, and intruders were reported to us. We give an absolute buy recommendation for the HORSE PROTECTOR.“ 

Sonja Jachthuber

"We mainly use the HORSE PROTECTOR for our pregnant mares as birth alarms. We particularly like the combination of alarm system and permanent live videos, without additional sensors on the horse. Thanks to the individual analyses, HORSE PROTECTOR sends the birth alarm earlier and, above all, much more reliably than other systems. So we can sleep easier and be there in time in case of an emergency.“

Tillmann Sportpferde / Gestüt Gut Neuhaus

”Many foals are born on our farm every year. Reliable birth detection is therefore extremely important to us. At the same time, we don't want to be disturbed by constant false alarms. In this context, the HORSE PROTECTOR is very helpful for us. We have tested the guard on several mares and are absolutely satisfied with the result. The system reliably alerted us before every birth and produced no false reports.“


Stefan Ullrich

”I breed Shire Horses and heavy Warmbloods. The health of my horses is very important to me. The HORSE PROTECTOR is absolutely ideal because it meets the very different requirements and characteristics of my breeds. I'm happy that I can now keep an eye on my horses everywhere via my cell phone. We have had several births this year. The integrated birth alarm sounded a reliable alarm. Unfortunately, colic also appeared in our stable, although luckily the HORSE PROTECTOR warned us in good time. I am absolutely satisfied with the intelligent guard!“ 

Ivette Riegel

"There are many cameras for horses, but only one that alerts me to Gladdy's behavior! “Why does it have to be this one?” I was often asked? My answer was very clear - I can't monitor and keep an eye on Gladdys every second, let alone check my phone all the time during my working hours. A standard camera would not warn me if something unusual happened. I'm much more relaxed now and enjoy reading the daily reports and getting accurate info on when Gladdys is doing what. Buying HORSE PROTECTOR was definitely the right decision, especially as Gladdys has trouble sleeping. So I can see when she is resting and when she is active at any time. Thanks to the ACARiS‑KI  team for these great insights and the well thought-out development!"

Gladdys und Lisa


”My mare suddenly developed sand colic one evening. Since she is in a self-sufficient stable, nobody would probably have noticed until the next morning. Only I would have noticed then and probably too late for my horse. Luckily my mare was monitored by the HORSE PROTECTOR! The colic alarm registered the signs correctly and notified me immediately. With this, ACARiS saved my mare's life! Especially after this bad event, it was very reassuring to be able to watch the live stream.“

 Yvonne Neumann