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Our Vision

Our vision is to enhance animal health and safety through artificial intelligence. Globally, we aspire to drive a technological revolution through the use of artificial intelligence (AI). Our AI technology fundamentally changes how animal owners monitor and understand their animals. Our goal is to make these advanced solutions accessible worldwide, providing veterinarians and animal caregivers with pioneering tools that elevate animal welfare and safety to new heights.

Dr. Arne Rasmus Dräger

CEO, Founder & Lead Data Scientist

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Olaf Bäsener

Head of Sales

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Jeannine Gsaller

Senior Business Development

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Viktor Fairuschin

Data Scientist

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Leon Raithel

App- & Web-Developer

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Natalie Bellgardt

Operations Manager

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Christian Köster

Production Specialist

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Deniz Örün

Production Specialist

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Why ?

Pioneering Spirit of Innovation

At ACARiS, we are passionate innovators. We strive to revolutionize animal husbandry using state-of-the-art AI technologies.

Largest Database of Behavioral Parameters

We take pride in owning the largest database of behavioral parameters in animals. With us, you have the opportunity to draw from this rich data source and gain new insights together.


We value the diversity of our employees and their different perspectives. Your personality will enrich our interdisciplinary thinking.

Global Presence

As part of our team, you will have the opportunity to participate in international fairs and events. Here, you can represent our innovations worldwide and advance technology-supported animal husbandry in various countries.

Making History

As part of our team, you will have the opportunity to work on projects that make history. Your ideas and expertise will directly contribute to our innovative solutions.

Careers at

Shape the future of AI-driven technologies in animal husbandry and help us continue to grow as a market leader!

As a team, we work every day to advance the future of technology-supported animal husbandry and strengthen our market position. For this, we are always looking for bright minds who are as passionate about our vision as we are!


We are a partner of the "CHIO Aachen Scientist Circle" 2024.

Once again this year, we are participating in this year's CHIO Aachen with the ACARiS HORSE PROTECTOR. As an Official Partner of the "CHIO Aachen Scientist Circle," we bring together experts and scientists from Germany, Belgium, and Switzerland to promote the well-being of sport horses. Our participation in this important project underscores our commitment to animal welfare and our efforts to positively shape the future of equestrian sports. At ACARiS, we leverage our expertise to develop innovative solutions for the health and well-being of sport horses.

Attention Breeders: Introducing Our New Foal Monitoring System

ACARiS presents groundbreaking innovations for the foaling season. Developed in close collaboration with universities and industry partners, our new AI-powered foal monitoring system is revolutionizing breeding. Why Foal Monitoring with AI? Our cameras analyze the behavior of foals, detect potential abnormalities early, and enable effective monitoring. Our AI camera systems complement human care and promote foal health.

ACARiS named Startup of the Month by the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce

We are honored to be recognized as the 'Startup of the Month' for January by the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce. This acknowledgment celebrates our outstanding achievements and our contribution to promoting innovation and sustainability. Our success is the result of a fantastic team that gives their best every day. Our employees are our greatest asset and significantly contribute to making ACARiS what it is today: a pioneer in technology and environmental awareness! In today's digital world, artificial intelligence (#AI) is indispensable. At ACARiS, we deliberately embrace AI and produce our state-of-the-art camera systems here in Germany. Quality, sustainability, and environmental consciousness are at the core of our values.