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HORSE PROTECTOR Premium Package Subscription (CCTV Version) Setup Fee



The HORSE PROTECTOR in the Premium Package to be implemented with existing CCTV Camera Streams!
Look forward to the best features available on the market to keep an eye on your horse, even when you don't have time. With the Premium Package, you get all the features for comprehensive health and safety monitoring based on artificial intelligence.


  1. Live-Stream
  2. Stored videos and images from the last 2 days
  3. The best colic alarm on the market
  4. Premium support (phone and messaging system)
  5. Health monitoring function
  6. Reliable intruder alarm
  7. Live health reports and assessments
  8. Daily reports for professional stable management
  9. Professional dashboard - all camera systems at a glance
  10. Push alerts to multiple smartphones simultaneously

Minimum term is 24 months with automatic renewal. Afterwards, it can be canceled 3 business days before the end of the month.

Scope of Delivery

Each guardian is delivered ready for use:

  • HORSE PROTECTOR special camera
  • LAN and WLAN function
  • App access
  • IR light source
  • Power supply
  • Mounting brackets
  • Installation manual
  • Stable sign

Additionally included in the LTE variant:

  • LTE router
  • Cables and power adapter for the router

For LTE operation, you also need a SIM card with a monthly data volume of at least 8 GB (not included).

Of course, you can always contact our support team in case of technical problems. In addition to continuous updates, a two-year warranty is included (see Terms and Conditions).

This option comes with a 2 year subscription plan which is payed in full every 2 years.

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